Transceiver Programmer


Pro Optix Pro Coder

Pro Optix Pro Coder is used for transcoding transceivers and changing channel on tunable DWDM. It is suitable for data centers and networks as it gives installers and technicians a field of incredible flexibility – transceivers can be re-encoded according to the current needs. It also gives the possibility of remote support and access. Pro Coder is easy to use and fits into several form factors and can be recoded to many different brands.

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Why Choose Pro Optix?

Pro Optix products come with warranties and support to give you peace of mind. Our technology partners are carefully selected with due-diligence completed to ensure customer satisfaction and portfolio compatibility. All our suppliers operate under ISO quality control and we have a strict product evaluation process to ensure we offer our customers the best solutions. If you have a question, need some technical advice, or have an issue, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here to help.

Data sheet

Fiber TypeSM/MM
Operating Temperture0-45°C
Product CategoryTransceiver Programmer
Warranty2 YEAR
ManufacturerPro Optix