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Producer Responsibility

Producers are given a significant responsibility for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products, ensuring they are responsible for their end of life environmental impact. This responsibility is called ‘producer responsibility’ and applies to any parties that place a product on the Swedish market.

The producer responsibility differs depending on the type of product you are working with. The product category to which Pro Optix’s products are defined as are ‘Other Electrical Equipment’ or ‘Professional Electrical Equipment’.

Pro Optix are responsible for ensuring and facilitating our customers to recycle our products. Pro Optix products are of extremely high-quality and boast a long service life, however, when the product has reached the end of its lifecycle, it’s time to recycle them. Therefore, we request our customers to return the products when they are to be recycled.

To return end of life products, please send an email to

Please indicate that you would like to return end of life products and specify how many kg it is.

Pro Optix will then, in the most environmentally friendly method, ensure that the end of life products are disposed of.

The team at Pro Optix