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Installation Products & Fibercabling

Fiber Patchpanels, Adapters, CPE/FTTH boxes, Pigtails, Patch panel accessories, protective equipment and more

Pro Optix offers a focused range of installation products, accessories and fiber cabling. Products include adapters, attenuators, CPE/FTTH boxes, pigtails, fiber patch panels, connectors, ODF accessories, protective equipment, termination boxes and tools. A focused assortment to get you started. Please browse the full range below using the filter system on the left. Please also refer to our fiber optics testing, programming, inspection and cleaning products section of the customer portal.

  • FP10b 1U panel, 24 SC DPX Incl. Assembly kit

    - Rack brackets 19 "/ ETSI standard and assembly kit is included in the package
    - 1U panel for up to 24 SC/48 LC connectors.
    - White aluminum
    - Size: 44x482x240 mm (HxWxD)
    - Optical interface SC DPX/LC Quads adapter (not included)
    - Number of adapters: Up to 24
    - Number of contacts / fiber: Up to 24 - 48

  • Fiber attenuator, 10db, SC Male to SC Female

    2 Year
  • Adapter LC MM Duplex

    2 Year
  • Adapter SC SM Simplex

    2 Year
  • Adapter ST-ST SM Simplex

    2 Year
  • Adapter Singelmode, Simplex SC-APC

    2 Year
  • Adapter MPO-Key Up/Down, W Flange

    2 Year
  • Adapter SC/APC SM Duplex

  • Adapter LC/APC quad SM

  • Protective Universal glasses with filter för 800-1790 nm

    - Protects against infrared laser
    - For use in error correction of cable and the like
    - Can be used over other glasses
    - Supplied with protective case, neck strap and cleaning cloth

  • Fiber Optic Stripper

    - Cut and strip jackets from simplex fiber cable with this precision jacket stripper.
    - The dual "V" notch blade allows the quick removal of the jacket from Kevlar® strength housing.
    - Plier nose, along with cushion grips and spring release are additional features making this stripper comparable to the Ideal T-Type® Stripper

  • Fiber attenuator, 3db, SC Male to SC Female

    2 Year
  • FP15b 1,5U panel, 24 SC DPX 19" Retractable

    - Rack brackets 19 "/ ETSI are included in the package.
    - Made of aluminum for reduced weight.
    - The panel is 1.5U and leaves the same space inside as a 1U panel and in addition there is space for winding the overlength under the trough.
    - The panel has cable insertion at the back and with the possibility of intake from both sides.
    - Retractable

    (Delivered without assembly kit) can be supplemented with SP-PKIT-MINI-P

  • FP20b 2U panel, 48 SC DPX 19" Retractable

    - Cage nuts 19 "/ ETSI standard and mounting kit included
    - 2U panel for up to 48 SC / 96 LC connectors.
    - White aluminum
    - Size: 89x482x235 mm (HxWxD)
    - SC DPX / LC Quad adapter optical interface (not included)
    - Number of adapters: Up to 48
    - Number of contacts / fiber: Up to 48 - 96
    - Retractable
    - Adjustable depth

  • Cableguide 1U 19"

    - 1U Cable gutter is used to guide cables to the side of the cabinet.
    - Simple bundling of Velcro straps (included)
    - Can be mounted in 19 "and metric rack / cabinet

  • Storage unit for fiber, 2,5 U

    - The storage unit can be mounted under the FP15 panel. For storing excess lengths of fiber cables.

    - 24 compartments for storage of up to approx. 5 m cable
    - Can be mounted in 19 "rack and metric stands with reversible brackets
    - 2.5U
    - White aluminum

  • Shelf Mini 0.5U

    - Sub shelf Mini 0.5U
    - Covers 2U

  • Cable Organizer 5U Cover

    - Sub shelf and fiber organizer
    - 1U with 5U coverage

  • Cabinet for wall mounting with lock

    - Supplied with rubber nipple
    - Mounting kit, adapters and blind plugs must be ordered in addition
    - Dimensions: 280 x 300 x 86 mm (WxHxD)
    - Weight: 1.5 kg

  • Assembly kit for FP15

    - 2 mounting plugs for the assembly kit
    - 4 Sleeve holders
    - 10 Rings for FP15
    - 2 Strips for FP15

  • Fiber attenuator, 2db, LC Male to LC Female

    2 Year
  • Adapter SC MM Duplexm W Flange

    2 Year
  • Fiber attenuator, 15db, LC Male to LC Female

    2 Year
  • Fiber attenuator, 20db, LC Male to LC Female

    2 Year
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