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  • Live Fiber Identifier with power meter for 0.25, 0.9, 2 and 3 mm fibers

    - The traffic indicator can detect optical signals in a fiber. A controlled macro bending of the fiber is performed and light from the fiber is detected by a built-in detector. Traffic interruptions may occur.

    - Identifies traffic direction and tone frequency (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz)
    - Indicates effect on signal in the fiber
    - Built-in current meter with 2.5 mm adapter
    - Uses AA batteries

    Download the manual for more information

    • Pen Shape High-power Visual Fault Locator for 2.5mm, 650nm, 20mW

      This powerful red laser is a useful tool for troubleshooting and identifying fiber connections. It is a simple way to check that you have a connection and where the opposite end is. It can also be used to find sharp bends or fiber cables with cracks. A robust design makes it possible to carry it out in the field. The effect is the maximum of what one can get in a singlemode fiber and the pen nevertheless has a good battery life.


      • Robust and waterproof design

      • 20 mW 650 nm laser

      • 2.5 mm adapter

      • Area> 10 km in single position

      • Area> 5 km in multi-mode

      • Long battery life with two AA batteries

      • Continuous or pulsed light

      • Laser class 2M according to IEC 60825-1: 2014

      Add the TM-VFL-LC-ADAPTER-P to use LC connector

      • Infrared Detector Card 800 - 1700 nm

        If you are used to being able to see if an 850nm multimode SFP is lit, you have probably missed the opportunity for other types of transceivers.

        If so, this is the simple solution. It turns all relevant wavelengths into a bright red dot. It makes it easy to see if a transceiver is working, which fiber is Rx and which is Tx etc.

        The card has a standard card size so you can carry it everywhere!

        Tip: Before use, it must be "charged" by lighting it with a standard lamp. It then works for power levels down to approx. -20 dBm, a little depending on the wavelength and how dark / light it is in the room. Since the active material "drops" during use, it is wise to move a little on the card during use, then you will see the red dot more clearly.

        • LC Adapter for VFL with 2,5mm Universal Adapter

          - LC adapter for Visual Fault Locators
          - Fits in 2.5mm Universal Adapter
          - Reduces chance of scratching LC connector surface

          Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items